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Odd, Yet Simple Tips for Writers:

1. Starting is often the hardest thing.
2. You have to jump start yourself in the moment of performance.
3. Don’t bury the lead.

Anti-Bullying Speaker Attacks Bible, Christian Teens:

Savage’s counsel of hedonistic sex speaks of hope but leads only to despair. We must counter it with the Gospel truth about love and fidelity. We need to send a message of true hope to the young people of America: When you seek Christ-like virtue, it really does get better.

3 Types of Christian Scholarship:

Our gifts and calling are going to clearly drive us to one more than the others, so I am not saying that one should neglect one to brush up on the others. But I am saying that if the others are neglected, it will make you less proficient in the one. I have seen sloppy theologians. I have been a sloppy theologian. I have seen exegetes who seem to continually miss the obvious. I have seen pastoral types compromise. All I am saying is that you need to be aware of where you stand and remain committed to excellence by being appreciative of all three.

How Handwriting Trains the Brain:

Studies suggest there’s real value in learning and maintaining this ancient skill, even as we increasingly communicate electronically via keyboards big and small. Indeed, technology often gets blamed for handwriting’s demise. But in an interesting twist, new software for touch-screen devices, such as the iPad, is starting to reinvigorate the practice.

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