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The Gospel According to Disney:

The Disney gospel encourages narcissism. It suggests that our main problem is we don’t celebrate ourselves enough, so others don’t realize how special we are. This positive message is actually cruel, for the poor fellow who follows their advice, “In everything you do, celebrate you!”, won’t be married long. And he won’t have many friends. The Apostle Paul never went to Disney, and he offered a better gospel…

Sometimes It’s So Hard to Go to Church:

God loves to display his power in the midst of messy people. The power of the gospel is on display when different people from different backgrounds come together to worship God and love one another. The power of the gospel is on display when people overlook offenses in the name of love. The power of the gospel is on display when we put our preferences aside for the sake of our unity in the gospel.

Subversive Kingdom:

The subversive action to which I refer is sharing and showing the good news of Jesus. That’s really subversive! King Jesus will come back, and “the kingdoms of this world” will become “the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ” (Rev. 11:15 KJV). In themeantime, we are just doing what Jesus did—announcing the good news and living out its message in incredibly subversive ways.

4 Ways to Ruin a Ministry Monday:

Mondays can be difficult for ministers, especially those who preach and teach on Sunday. The rush and excitement of Sunday is over. The numbers and the stats of the day before are reported. The issues and complications that were brought to light on Sunday have to be processed and diagnosed. And of course another sermon has to be prepared for the relentless return of the Sabbath which is now only six days away. Mondays are crucial. Wasting them are detrimental to the week. Here are some ways  ministers can ruin them.

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