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The Book That Drove Them Crazy: Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind 25 Years Later

The crisis was​—​is​—​a crisis of confidence in the principle that serves as the premise of liberal education: that reason, informed by learning and experience, can arrive at truth, and that one truth may be truer than another. This loss of faith had consequences and causes far beyond higher ed. Bloom was a believer in intellectual trickle-down theory, and it is the comprehensiveness of his thesis that may have attracted readers to him and his book. The coarsening of public manners, the decline in academic achievement, the general dumbing down of America​—​even Jerry Springer​—​had a long pedigree that Bloom was at pains to describe for a general reader.

8 Reasons Why My Anxiety is Pointless and Foolish

The Value of Sermon Introductions: How to Stop Giving Your Congregation Theological Whiplash

On Sunday morning, we arrive in sixth gear, but our congregation arrives in first (at best), neutral (not great), park (really bad), or reverse (worst). We need to utilize sermon introductions in order to bring our people up to speed so they can join us on our journey of following Jesus.

Why I Am Not a Pacifist:

When it comes to the ethics of war and peace between nations, all that matters to me, or that should matter to anyone else, is how a situation aligns with objective moral reality. And, while human reason is able to analyze this reality, the reality itself is fixed by the Moral Ruler of the Universe who is none other than Jesus Christ himself.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 5.3.12”

  1. David Van Lant says:

    Dr. Heimbach’s article is an example of a poor use of the Scriptures. Are you endorsing his view?

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