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Jefferson Bethke: 10 Things You Have to Do if You Want the Next Generation to Listen

I’ve noticed the biggest thing my generation wants is just someone who tells it how it is. They just want someone who lays it all out there and has firm convictions about what they believe. My generation just wants authenticity.

Ronald Reagan’s answer to a boy who asked for federal funds to clean his room

Ed Stetzer’s daughter is home from the hospital. But those in the southeast ought to be on the look-out for tick-borne illnesses, as this story in The Tennessean shows.

““Everyone has heard of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but I had no idea how serious this was,” Stetzer said. “You are having conversations about mortality rates and everything else. We’ve been pretty worn out, but right now we’re just relieved.”

Dunn said it is not unusual for one or two deaths from a tick-borne illness to occur in Tennessee during the spring to autumn period, but he is not aware of any this season. Although a tick bite by itself is not a reason to seek antibiotics, he said, anyone who gets a fever after a bite should seek treatment from a medical provider.

The Fruit of the Spirit and Your Work:

We so easily miss that. It’s easy to think of the fruit of the Spirit and other Christian virtues as applying to some abstract realm, rather than being the character qualities we are to manifest every day, in all areas of life — which includes our work.

The fruit of the Spirit, in fact, have a massive application in our daily work, if you think about it.

How to Smartly Engage with the Young Doubters in Your Midst:

One of the concerns young people commonly voiced in the study is that church feels unfriendly to doubters. This particular critique has less to do with a polemical topic—be it sex or science—and more to do with whether the church welcomes dialogue in the first place. It encompasses all other concerns by asking the question, is there even a safe context for us to talk about doubts?

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