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If Christ is Lord, Everything Matters:

What then does it mean to live in the light of eternity? It begins with recognising that the “all” in the statement above refers to the whole of created reality. This is where the root of the problem often lies, for many Christians have a narrow view of creation that does not go beyond the physical stuff that we can see and touch. But creation includes the whole of our creaturely existence, the norms and laws and structures that God has woven into the fabric of reality that guide and give shape to our life on this earth.

The Gospel is Offensive. Nothing Else Should Be.

Pastors, continue to preach the unfiltered gospel. Run the risk of offending people with their sin and shocking them with the unending love of Jesus. But equip your people to set the table in such a way that nothing else offends them. Seek to create the kind of environment where your guests will say, “I don’t necessarily agree with what I heard, but I can’t argue with how I was treated.” That environment will eventually turn cold hearts warm and lead people to the gospel.

Deep Roots Library:

Deep Roots Library exists to serve the Church by  making writings from Christian history accessible, readable, affordable, and searchable. We believe that there is great value in fellowship among believers, even if they are centuries removed from where we are today.

Technology has made it possible for the first time ever to have immediate access to thousands of books, devotionals, commentaries, and sermons, Deep Roots Library exists to make sure that this opportunity isn’t wasted, that believers around the world can access solid Biblical teaching, all for free.

Don’t Confuse Knowledge and Success with Maturity:

Ministry success is always more a statement about God than about the people he uses for his purpose. I had it all wrong. It took credit that I did not deserve for what I could not do. I made it about me, so I didn’t see myself as headed for disaster and in deep need for the rescue of God’s grace. I was a man in need of rescuing grace.

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