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Catacomb Christianity and Cathedral Christianity:

The catacombs, of course, are the legacy of a tiny persecuted band of believers, meeting in their graveyards to escape the all-seeing eye of imperial Rome. The cathedrals represent a very different turn in church history: a church that not only could grow in size but could, in fact, outgrow and outlast the Empire itself. The catacombs represent simplicity and earthiness; the cathedrals transcendence and wonder.

We need both, somehow.

HHS Doesn’t Speak for Me, Or Many Women:

Tens of thousands of thoughtful women are wondering why — at a time of national economic crises, and with contraception as cheap and widely available as it is — the government has chosen to pick a fight with the religious institutions employing and serving the most vulnerable people in the country, and is doing so under the banner of women’s rights.

The 50 Best Author vs. Author Put-Downs of All Time (HT):

Yes, hell hath no fury like one author gleefully savaging another author’s work.

And, lucky for us, there’s plenty to be had where that came from.

Cast your eye on these, the 50 most memorable author vs. author put-downs (in no particular order; though if you’ve got a favorite, by all means, comment on it, below).

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One thought on “Worth a Look 5.24.12”

  1. I used to laugh at snarky lines like this, but they’ve lost their humor for me now that I’m a writer myself. When I’m brooding over an original idea, knowing that it will challenge the way people have thought, every imaginable ugly criticism runs through my head as I try to write it down. It’s paralyzing and crushing. I know some outstanding thinkers who simply will not write because they are so aware of the cruelty of our culture.

    It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, its that I just can’t stand to be on the other side of this.

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