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God calls us to become what He declares we already are:

The Bible presents sanctification in a twofold way: (1) as an objective, positional reality; and (2) as a subjective, ongoing experience. At conversion, God positionally sets the believer apart as holy, and the Christian experiences the liberating power of his sanctification when by faith he lives by this truth. We can experience the relative perfection of a progressing maturity while striving for the ideal perfection modeled for us by our Lord (Phil 3:12-16).

Planned Parenthood Assists Gendercide:

Lila Rose and Live Action have exposed the dark underbelly of Planned Parenthood once again. In the video above, the undercover cameras catch Planned Parenthood helping a woman who says she wants to kill her unborn child if it’s a girl but to keep it if it’s a boy. The Planned Parenthood worker even informs the mother how she can manipulate the system to get Medicaid to pay for her ultrasound.

And here’s Denny Burk’s take on Planned Parenthood’s response.

Egg on Face(book):

Why don’t people learn from history and the experiences of others? Greed is listed among the “seven deadly sins” for a reason. In the case of those who poured a lot of money into Facebook stock seeking instant wealth, only to see the price plummet, their greed did them in.

The Quantity and Quality of God’s Provision:

Once again, I’m confronted with the fact that at some level, I am convinced that I know what is best for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so offended at the quality of God’s provision. Like a child who begs for a snack and then turns his nose up at the carrots put in front of me, I am impressed with God’s power but offended at His wisdom in exercising it.

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