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Kindle Deal of the Day: Disciplines of a Godly Family by R. Kent Hughes. $2.99

Disciplines of a Godly Family covers such topics as establishing a solid family heritage, promoting affection between family members, encouraging godliness in children, using appropriate discipline, and helping children cultivate enriching lifelong habits. The Hugheses also offer tips for fun and affordable family vacations, creating family traditions, and starting a prayer notebook. They even give us a suggested list of books and videos that should be in every family’s library.

4 Reasons to Sing This Weekend:

This weekend I, like many of you, am going to church. And while I’m there, I anticipate doing a number of things, not the least of which is sing. I’m going to sing, by God’s grace, loudly. But it’s a bit strange when you think about it, right? A bunch of people gathered together to sing? Not something many others do in other settings. So here are 4 reasons to break out in song this weekend:

Interesting interview: America’s Key Founders – Neither Christians Nor Deists:

“Theistic rationalism” was a hybrid belief system mixing elements of natural religion, Christianity, and rationalism, with rationalism as the predominant element.  Adherents believed that these three elements would generally complement one another, but when conflict between them could not be resolved or ignored, reason had to play the decisive role.  Because they borrowed from natural religion and Christianity, if one selects statements conveniently and out of context, one can make them appear to be either Christians or deists.  That is why both the Christian America camp and the secular camp can find snippets to support their claims.

Please Stop Killing Me with Your Statistics:

Here’s the thing: I’m called to love my neighbor, not a statistic. I’m called to do good as I have opportunity. I’m called to minister primarily to the man next door, not in Saudi Arabia.

Ulysses S. Grant almost quit the Army in June 1862. What made him change his mind? 

Sherman’s reply that same day shows how well he already understood Grant: “You could not be quiet at home for a week when armies were moving,” he wrote, “and rest could not relieve your mind of the gnawing sense that injustice had been done you.”

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One thought on “Worth a Look 6.7.12”

  1. Taylor says:

    re:Death By Stats

    It bothers me that people so often use a guilty conscience as a defense against statistics. It seems as if a Jesus oriented life ought to take away my guilt, and at the same time cause me to embrace a passion for the entire world even as I recognize I can’t do it all.

    If the implied answer to ‘who is my neighbor?’ is, ‘the guy sitting next to me who couldn’t afford a Coke with his fries,’ could it be that a guilty conscience is Spirit driven rather than shame driven?

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