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I beseech You, merciful God,
to allow me to drink from the stream which flows from your fountain of life.

May I taste the sweet beauty of its waters,
which sprang up from the very depths of your truth.

O Lord,
You are that fountain
from which I desire with all my heart to drink.

Give me, Lord Jesus, this water,
that it may quench the burning spiritual thirst within my soul,
and purify me from all sin.

I know, King of Glory,
that I am asking from You a great gift.
But You give to Your faithful people without counting the cost,
and You promise even greater things in the future.
Indeed, nothing is greater than Yourself,
and You have given Yourself to mankind on the cross.

Therefore, in praying for the waters of life,
I am praying that You, the source of those waters,
will give Yourself to me.
You are my light, my salvation,
my food, my drink, my God.

Columbanus, 600 A.D.

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3 thoughts on “My Food, My Drink, My God”

  1. Christiane says:

    Beautiful post, TREVIN.
    Thank you.

    from the Rule of St. Columbanus, this:

    “… Christ, our gentle Saviour,
    in Your kindness
    light our lamps so that they shine forever in your temple
    and lighten our darkness and dispel the shadows of the world.”

  2. Josiah says:

    Trevin, are you aware that the bottom of the pages on the mobile view are all messed up? I think there’s an error or something with the coding.

    1. Trevin Wax says:

      Thanks. I’ve alerted our designer to check on fixing it.

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