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You Are Not Called to Be the Lone Ranger

Men, don’t stifle the hunger the Creator has crafted inside you. A hunger for relationships with other men who seek the Kingdom – first.

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“The Exchange” with Trevin Wax and N.D. Wilson

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Worth a Look 7.31.12

Kindle Deal of the Day: Compelled: Living the Mission of God by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation. $2.99.

Understand what it means to be compelled by love. The authors challenge readers to look at love within the context of God, the church, and the lives of individual believers. Compelled provides readers a basic theological grounding and a platform for personal application as they understand that missional living is all about simply the calling to love others. Look at the love of God; begin to truly understand what is at the center of the church’s foundation, commission, and direction; but most importantly, understand your role within the mission of God as you integrate love into all aspects of your missional calling.

Peter Jackson Announces a Third “Hobbit” Film:

“We know how much of the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, the Dwarves of Erebor, the rise of the Necromancer, and the Battle of Dol Guldur will remain untold if we do not take this chance,” he wrote. “The richness of the story of The Hobbit, as well as some of the related material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, allows us to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous, but at all times exciting, history of Middle-earth.”

The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge:

In an age obsessed with practicality, productivity, and efficiency, I frequently worry that we are leaving little room for abstract knowledge and for the kind of curiosity that invites just …

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How Literature Can Aid Your Worship

Though never substitutes for Scripture, stories can shape our desires, and our character, to desire God and fulfill our roles in His ultimate, spoken Story.

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Worth a Look 7.30.12

Kindle Deal of the Day: Biblical Authority: The Critical Issue for the Body of Christ by Jimmy Draper and Ken Keathley. $2.99.

The subject of biblical authority is the most critical and sensitive issue facing the evangelical Christian world today. It has a rippling effect on every major theological discussion. Jimmy Draper deals with this issue in a loving and peaceful way, examining modern critical thought and historic positions of the church—providing a workable answer to the issues of biblical authority. Biblical Authority will strengthen one’s faith in the Word of God.

Alan Jacobs on the HHS Mandate:

Religion, in the Biblical sense, involves not just holding certain beliefs but acting on them, and the institutions the church creates to help us carry out those commandments are just as “religious” as worshipping congregations. From that it follows that “freedom of religion,” if it is to mean anything, must be extended just as fully to those institutions as to parish churches. Otherwise the church is crippled in its obedience. Which is bad for the church, but also, and more important, bad for the world — unless you happen to think that the State, and the State only, is the proper vehicle for charity and social service.

Mike Bird paraphrases the beginning of Mark:

Jesus came into the Galilee. He was announcing the news of God’s royal victory, telling people that, “The time is now folks, the shot clock has wound down to zero, there is gonna be change of regimes, God’s new empire is coming, in …

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Keep, O Lord, Your Household the Church

A prayer for the church

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What Stupendous Riches of His Great Goodness!

Symeon the New Theologian exults in God’s grace in Christ.

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Friday Funny: Christian Students on Paper

Reposted from 2011.

I’ve gotten a kick out of this Twitter account, written by someone who teaches Biblical Studies for an undisclosed university. The author writes:

These are actual statements from assignments turned in by my students. They’re…um..interesting 

As one who remembers completing many seminary assignments late at night, I probably delivered a few incoherent one-liners myself. Here are some of the funniest from the Twitter feed:

    “When you think about it, what we have going on today actually makes the biblical times seem more structured and balanced.”
    “I think sometimes people use the lack of evidence to try and disprove an idea.”
    “Gen 1-3 shows us the wrong and right way to go about everything we do.” (For example, let’s say you are doing auto repair…)
    “I don’t believe the purpose of Genesis is to create some sort of family tree to trace us all back to God.” (Good to know.)
    “Until the Industrial Revolution, the majority of Americans held on to the sacred ideas of individual salvation and limited government.”
    “Marcus Borg almost sounds sure that the bibles parables aren’t literally true. I don’t want to call him arrogant, but he sure seems to be.”
    “I myself have been subject to not always understanding text of the Bible in a more sufficient way due to my mind set.”
    “This was an interesting read. It made me look deeper than I generally care to look at things.”
    “Tim Keller did not impress me, he may be very knowledgable about the Bible but does he have a genuine …

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Where Holiness Begins

God desires to create a tabernacle out of our lives to speak His words of truth to our broken world. As He indwells our lives, holiness is lived out through us into a world desperately looking for hope and for life.

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Worth a Look 7.26.12

Kindle Deal of the Day: Every Bush Is Burning by Brandon Clements. FREE.

Jack Bennett has a wife, two kids, the perfect job–and the perfect affair. When he is caught and it all comes crashing down, Jack is left with no one to turn to. No friends. No family, except his recovering drug addict of a sister. On a Sunday morning drive, he sees a homeless man locked out of a church service, banging on the door. He stops and offers the guy a cup of coffee. He asks the man his name, and the guy says Yeshua. As in, Jesus. Jack’s not stupid. This isn’t the real Jesus. But with nowhere else to turn, Jack forms an unlikely friendship with this eccentric homeless man–one that will test his idea of truth, faith, love, and forgiveness.

When Your Social Media Feeds Get You Down:

Through the mirror dimly all we see is the chronically disappointing person who never quite satisfies us: the blogger who is never quite popular enough, the billionaire superhero who still isn’t satisfied, the Facebook poster whose clever or provocative posts don’t ever change anyone’s minds. But in Christ we see more clearly the truth about ourselves: that we are the beloved property of the God of all creation, Who invites us (if we are willing to give up our own sovereignty) to be used as a specific piece of a spectacular plan, far grander than those plans which our own minds conjure up.

George W. Bush Reflects on Being President:

Bush …

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