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Kindle Deal of the Day: The Color of Rain: How Two Families Found Faith, Hope, and Love in the Midst of Tragedy by Michael & Gina Kell Spehn. $3.99.

The Color of Rain illuminates the stepping-stones of loss and healing that ultimately led to a joyful new life for Michael, Gina and their five children. Their path to becoming a modern day Brady Bunch was filled with grief, laughter, and a willingness to be restored to a new and even better life, despite the inevitable resistance they faced.

Awe Puts Us in Our Place:

It is hard to overstate the importance of functional awe of God to your ministry. Awe of God is one thing that will keep a church from running off its rails and being diverted by the many agendas that can sidetrack any congregation.

Justice Ruth Ginsburg Said What?

If you want to know whether your local newspaper was paying attention to the church-state implications of this decision, all you really need to do is search its coverage for several important words — “Ginsburg” and “Becket.”

In Appreciation of Mark Regnerus:

In academics there are a handful of political and cultural issues for which there are “acceptable” and “unacceptable” positions. If you agree with the majority of academics on these issues, great, but if not, you’re going to run into trouble. Mark Regnerus has taken one of these “unacceptable” positions

Church Busy-ness:

What if I told you that our church’s busyness could actually be hindering the movement of God in our world? What if I told you that our church busyness could be insulating our church members from the very people Jesus wants Christians to be interacting with?

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