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Kindle Deal of the Day: Beyond My Church: Thinking and Living So That the World Might Know by Jason Dukes. $2.99.

Thinking beyond your church matters because the unity of the church is imperative in order for the work of God to happen in our city and in our world. And not just unity in the one local church family that you call your own. When all followers of Jesus actually love one another like Jesus loved us— living according to His ways rather than our own— then the world will see and, in turn, believe that Jesus was actually sent as the Son of God. This is the unity Jesus prayed for. It should be lived out among His followers and can only be present when God is the force holding us all together. In this new release by pastor Jason Dukes, you will explore this unity and discover how it can become part of the DNA of your local church expression.

Funny - A Brief A-Z of Theological Jargon:

A cooler word for evangelistic.

Someone who claims to talk about God, tries to talk about what the Bible says about God, usually ends up talking about what other people have said about what the Bible says about God, and still seems to have time to write facetious blog posts like this one.

Heirs of John Wesley, a very impressive building in Westminster, and a large number of small chapels in the middle of nowhere.

1. A monergist with respect to salvation.
2. Someone who claims to follow John Calvin but actually follows Theodore Beza.

Some Things We Can Learn from Suffering:

I pray that these thoughts will encourage you as the reality is you are coming out of suffering, you are suffering, or you will soon suffer.  May we suffer well to the glory of God!

For a 1950’s TV Evangelist, A Step Toward Sainthood:

“He is the patron saint of media and evangelization,” said the Rev. Robert Barron, whose Illinois-based ministry, Word on Fire, seeks to spread the Gospel through television and the Internet. And the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest who often appears on television, said:  ”Sainthood has come to the media age. In another couple of years we will have the first Twitter or Facebook saint.”

Interesting thoughts on a “tri-perspectival approach to blogging:”

I find that strong, balanced blogs generally take a triperspectival approach to blogging. They may not call it that, and they may not realize they are doing it. So what do I mean by triperspectival blogging? I am referring to blogposts (and blog metanarrative) that incorporate all three perspectives of normative, existential, and situational to everyday life.

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4 thoughts on “Worth a Look 7.10.12”

    1. Trevin Wax says:

      I lifted the title directly from the NYT article.

      Funny video though! ;)

      1. Dan Phillips says:

        Oh yeah, I was stinging it, brother, not you.


  1. KC McGinnis says:

    Thanks for the post on triperspectival blogging. Now I’m going to spend the next few minutes getting really good at saying “triperspectival.” Maybe it’s because I’m such a good theologian. Or Calvinist :)

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