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5 thoughts on “Altar Call Blooper”

  1. That is amazing…it hurts so bad.

  2. Ethan Larson says:

    i know that pastor personally. really respect him so much. we served in the same ministry in e. europe. really amazing teacher, very humble and godly man who i know is able to laugh at himself, and then move on and serve. funny moment. ah the dangers of extemporaneous speech. yep, we’ve all been there, but he now has the internet meme to prove it.

  3. Levi says:

    Trevin, just think: If Baptists instituted the Book of Common prayer this would never happen. Surprisingly, Thomas Cranmer didn’t include “LIttle Guy in the back (not a midget)” in the Anglican liturgy.

  4. Wesley says:

    this. is. just. awesome. :) Hurt for this guy while also laughing with him.

  5. Steve Doyle says:

    “We’ve all been there”…? Well, I’ve had some foot in mouth moments, but not sure I’ve really crashed like this. Funny. Wow…look at where Charles Finney has taken us :)

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