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Kindle Deal of the Day: Small Faith–Great God by N.T. Wright (see my 4-part review). $2.99.

 Small Faith, Great God is about the contrast between our little faith and our magnificent God. Wright intends to magnify the wisdom and power of God most clearly manifested in Christ’s saving actions on our behalf. Once we capture a vision of this awesome God, we will rest in his goodness and grace.

When Planned Parenthood Attacks – an interview with Karen Handel of the Komen foundation:

CT editorial resident Melissa Steffan spoke with Handel about the reasoning behind Komen’s breakup with Planned Parenthood, the urgency of reckoning with the abortion giant’s full range of political activities, and the faith that empowered her to stand resolutely by her moral convictions.

The Gheens lectures at SBTS with Carl Trueman continue today, with live-streaming here from 10:00 – 12:00 EST

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude:

A critical component of living a good (happy, satisfying, and meaningful) life is incorporating the concept of gratitude. Being aware of and appreciative for the good things one has been given can serve to transform one’s whole existence. This attitude of gratitude in life is one of the most important teachings from the historic Christian world-and-life view.

When Should My Children Be Baptized?

One of the ongoing discussions among Baptists relates to the age at which children can or should be baptized. Many children raised in a Christian home—perhaps even most of them—profess faith at a young age. Many parents then ask, Should my child be immediately baptized? Here is my attempt to answer this question.

The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain:

Workplace chaplains like Bissell can be found at more than 1,000 companies in the U.S. and Canada. These chaplains are a rising regiment of corporate America’s human-resources army, as employers have found that a pastoral touch is often more appealing to workers than an impersonal hotline of the sort included in many benefits packages.

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