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The Gospel Project continues to exceed expectations. We are now in our fourth printing for the first volume and we are getting ready to launch the second. Recently, we were honored to receive an endorsement from Greg Strand, director of biblical theology and credentialing for the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA):

The Gospel Project “curriculum provides a Christ-focused approach to Scripture that takes into account the Bible’s storyline and our identity as Christ’s ambassadors, on mission to the world,” Strand wrote in a letter sent out to EFCA churches. “This reflects the heart of the EFCA — the Word of God, focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading to mission among all people.

“I am excited to recommend these excellent resources for wide use in our denomination and will be using it in my own local church,” he said.

Early this summer, The Gospel Project team worked on a video that would offer an overview of the “grand narrative” approach to the Scripture, show how there is precedent for a gospel-centered approach within evangelical and Baptist history, and then include some testimonials from pastors and church leaders who had seen the curriculum and wanted to get behind it.

After we showed the video in a few places, we released the initial three minutes (“This is the Gospel Project”), which gives an artistic rendering of the Bible’s grand narrative.

Since then, many people have requested that we upload the entire 9-minute video. I like this video because it demonstrates the Christ-centered heritage of Southern Baptists and our desire to focus on the cross and resurrection. The portion with Billy Graham talking about the power of the cross is my favorite part of the entire thing. It’s also a treat to hear the powerhouse voice of one of my all-time favorite preachers, W.A. Criswell, as he begins his famous sermon “The Scarlet Thread.”

You’ll also see a quote from Herschel Hobbs about God’s plan of redemption. Below is the full context for that quote. Good stuff!

“The Bible speaks of God’s redemptive purpose. It reveals how God proposes to bring sinful man back into His fellowship and to use him in His service. From Genesis to Revelation this message runs like a scarlet thread. Its message begins in eternity with the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world, and ends with the triumphant Lamb on His throne ruling over a redeemed universe. The Bible points forward to Christ, backward to Christ, and again forward to Christ in His glorious return and reign. And it reveals God in the person of the Holy Spirit as He empowers and directs the people of Christ in God’s mission of evangelism and missions.”

“The Bible has one central theme: God’s redemptive purpose.
It has one central figure: Christ.
It has one central goal: God supreme in a redeemed universe”

“The Old Testament sounds the messianic hope. The Gospels record Christ’s incarnation; Acts relates His continuing work through the Holy Spirit; the Epistles interpret His person and work; Revelation proclaims His final triumph and glory.”

Enjoy the video!

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