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Earlier this week, I joined Tim Challies and David Murray for the Connected Kingdom podcast, in which we talked about The Gospel Project.

What Pastors Need to Know about the Fragment of Jesus’ Wife:

This unverified fourth century Coptic fragment from an unknown source written by an unknown author doesn’t compare to the New Testament record in our Bibles. So we should take advantage of this opportunity to reassure our congregations of the reliability of Scripture and warn them of the feminist agenda that pervades our society.

Feed Your Mind a Balanced Diet:

Just as the body needs a variety of nutrients to maintain health so too does the mind. It needs multiple genres to increase our ability to process information in different forms. Good writing is whole food for the minds; bad writing is bologna and McNuggets. Most of all, though, the mind needs truth. A steady diet of faulty worldviews, incorrect assumptions, and blatant vainglory will do the same for your mind as a steady diet of coke, donuts, and cheeseburgers do for your body.

Seven Updated Trends on Megachurches in America:

Some of the major trends in megachurches I note were mentioned in the past. But others are new. All are fascinating to study and ponder.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 9.20.12”

  1. Scott says:

    Trevin –

    I know I put this on Facebook as well, but thought I would put it here for others reading.

    This theology professor, Mr. White, felt he had to work so hard to ‘defend the Bible’ or at least defend against some feminist ploy. I mean, why attack the lady, which it seems he did in a way? I’ve read a lot more level-headed approaches from evangelical scholars. I think you could have quoted some people that responded with much more tact that Mr. White.

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