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3 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Fox News Interview Goes South”

  1. Tyler D. says:

    Hahahaha. Yea he was probably just being stupid. But the Fox and Friends host handled it poorly in my opinion. Although Fox News handles most things poorly. But I do think this brings up a good point: How many people vote without knowing anything about politics, about the positions, the candidates, and the government? Is it right to vote, if you are completely uninformed? It seems like this might be the reason that people generally gravitate to one particular issue that they define themselves by, that they define their political outlook on. So all they have to do it read up on one issue, have an opinion on one thing, and then they can be in the conversation. Politics is ever increasingly more and more complicated. Forget that the country is founded on democracy for a second, even though some people would disagree with that. Should everyone actually vote? Should my grandmother who lives in a log-cabin out in the boonies, who doesn’t have electricity, and still thinks Roosevelt is president vote?

  2. mel says:

    This adult’s humor is similar to my teen’s, something that he should have out grown by now. When I showed this to my son he pointed out that he would never do something that disrespectful.

    The man was being a jerk to try and create a name for himself and it failed. He is an aspiring comedienne and not a very good one at that. Read about him in other venues and you will see that it was not innocent stupidity. It was planned to get attention.

    It would seem that it isn’t just about voter stupidity but needed discernment when it comes to EVERYTHING we see on television. Nothing can be trusted to be what it seems.

  3. Flyaway says:

    I thought the host did a fine job. Maybe this is why pastors need to explain the issues from the pulpit. People like this guy probably would go to church to hassle the pastor. Those who love the Lord could love this guy and maybe God would do a work in his heart. I forgive him because I need forgiving for a stupid interview that I did on the radio one time!

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