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Kindle Deal of the Day: The Finished Work of Christ: The Truth of Romans 1-8 by Francis Schaeffer. $3.99.

Now available for the first time ever in print, Schaeffer’s landmark commentary on the first eight chapters of Romans–drawn from his recorded talks to a group of students more than three decades ago–provides fresh insight into Schaeffer’s thinking and the message of this most remarkable epistle, as well as an arresting perspective on our own times.

The Gospel Coalition has launched a podcast. Check out the first episode here. The podcast has two goals:

  1. We want to follow up on the most widely read, controversial, helpful, insightful resources produced by our council members, writers, editors, and bloggers.
  2. We want to serve you by using a different medium, audio, to provide the same quality of gospel-centered content we publish in blogs, essays, and reviews.

Backyards are Highly Overrated?

Evidence shows that for all we lust after outdoor sanctuaries, such retreats have little to do with the lives we actually live. Neither adults nor children spend much leisure time outdoors, and in making the trade-offs to have private outdoor space, we could be making ourselves less happy overall.

And on that note… “The Anxiety-Killing Power of Creation”

While God has given us numerous remedies for the malady of worry, there’s one we often might forget: the created world. All around us, every day of our lives, there is overflowing evidence that God rules his world and rules it well.

The Myth of the Liberal Young Evangelical:

Since 2007, the media has attempted to present young evangelicals in the Millennial generation (age 18-25) as increasingly liberal on social issues and more likely to vote for Democrats. But a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute confirms that the majority of young evangelicals (or at least young white evangelicals) have not abandoned the conservative political (and presumably the theological) positions of their parents.

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