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Kindle Deal of the Day: Honest to God: The Means to True Transformation by Josh Weidmann. $0.99.

Is hypocrisy eroding your trust in relationships, the church, or even yourself? We long to know there is a God – and, yes, a community – who is big enough to accept us for who we are and loving enough not to leave us that way. Imagine how our relationships and witness would change if Christians everywhere began to live in a more authentic manner.

Why C.S. Lewis is Wrong on Marriage:

Tolkien understood the stakes. The debate strikes at the heart of what it means to confess that the Christian faith is “true.” As Tolkien wrote, no article of Christian morality is intended exclusively for Christians. Rather, the faith teaches us that submitting to the laws of our creator is the surest way to live reconciled lives with his creation.

100 years ago, in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was running for president against Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft. Ever wonder what Roosevelt sounded like? Here is rare audio of Teddy Roosevelt giving speeches.

5-Point Logic Checklist:

When I give a talk or write an article that includes a logical argument, I consciously ask myself five questions. These questions serve as my “checklist” to ensure that I’m on the proper logical track. I refer to these questions as the “five Cs of logical persuasion.”

What Did Jesus Do?

Imitation of Christ requires meditation on Christ. If we are to know what it means to follow Christ, then we must seek to study Christ—his life and teaching and, most importantly, his death and resurrection. Therefore, if we are to imitate Christ, we need to ask a different question—not just “What would Jesus do?” but “What has Jesus done?”

Heavenly Identity: a powerful spoken word short film that engages people to think deeply about where they find their identity and the implications of finding our identities in Christ.


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