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Kindle Deal of the Day: 10 Things Every Minister Needs To Know by Ronnie Floyd. $2.99.

Have you suddenly realized the fire that burned in your spirit years ago for ministry has waned? Are you a pastor feeling overwhelmed by the demands on your time, energy, and spirituality? Ronnie Floyd can relate – yet with 30 years of pastoral ministry, he is still passionately committed to God’s calling in his life. What has sustained his passion for ministry? In this book, he will share the very best perspective, encouragement, and solutions for all ministers.

Are Pregnancies Even from Rape a Gift from God?

It almost goes without saying that for Christians, while rape is a terrible thing, in the providence of God, this too can be redeemed, a tragic event from which love can emerge. And yet we live in a society in which many find this view intolerable, outside the bounds—anathema. This is a delicate conversation we’re a part of in America, one that requires us to eschew the cheap advice or platitudes of Job’s counselors, to be sure. Then again, it may be even more “disrespectful to the survivors of rape” to fail to tell them about the wondrous redeeming power of God, even in the most horrible circumstances.

Scientific research can be pro-life, and the newest Nobel Prize recipient has proved it.

Well, consider this a shout from the housetops: Saletan is right when he says that Yamanaka deserves an additional Nobel in ethics for tearing “down the wall between preserving embryos and saving lives.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on True Leadership:

The individual is responsible before God. And this solitude of man’s position before God, this subjection to an ultimate authority, is destroyed when the authority of the Leader or of the office is seen as ultimate authority…Alone before God, man becomes what he is, free and committed to responsibility at the same time.

When We Add Stuff to the Bible, We Hurt People:

We often add lists, rules, and ideas to the Bible that just aren’t there. This is a very subtle, yet dangerous thing to do, in my view. And I think it hurts the people we pastors are called to serve.

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