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Kindle Deal of the Day: Union with Christ by Michael Horton. $0.99.

A full theological investigation into the biblical concept of union with Christ. Horton covers the nature of this union, exegetical development of the concept, and both historical visions and contrasting paradigms of it. He also draws connections between a Christian’s ongoing union with his or her Savior and grace, ontology, essence and energies, and covenant—an altogether masterful sketch of a beautiful and mysterious spiritual reality.

Do’s and Don’ts for Evangelicals on Election Sunday:

The do’s are optional. You may have more pressing gospel-centered business to deal with, and paleo evangelicals won’t mind if their pastor or Sunday School teacher doesn’t talk about the election at all. The don’ts are non-negotiable.

I found this blog interesting. The designer created a “brand” for previous presidents of the U.S.

Matt Queen on praying for unbelievers:

When a believer prays for the soul of a lost person and he is subsequently saved, skeptics may attribute it to nothing more than mere coincidence. When churches pray for the salvation of unbelievers by name and effective evangelistic growth results, cynics might consider it pragmatism. However, perhaps the most appropriate label to designate believers who pray for the salvation of the lost would be “biblical.”

From his vantage point in the U.K., Adrian Warnock makes some observations on the U.S. election:

I look at your media, your political adverts, your adversarial debates, and I wonder, how long before your nation tears itself apart? Can either of the candidates unite the land? With your red states and blue states, it often seems to me like you are not a very United States at all!

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One thought on “Worth a Look 10.31.12”

  1. J. Srnec says:

    Warnock is worried about the US? Isn’t Scotland set to have a referendum on independence?

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