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Every Friday, Ed Stetzer posts pictures of crazy church signs. Since he started, his readers have begun helping by snapping photos whenever they see a funny church sign. I recommend you visit his blog on Fridays to see the newest in his collection. Here are some of my favorites, with Ed’s commentary interspersed.

There are times when you drive by a church sign and the message doesn’t really sink in at first, then it hits you a second later causing you to look back again to verify what you just saw. A “Double-Take” scale would be a great indicator of just how creative, or absurd, a sign and its message is. A score of 1 being “ho-hum” and 10 being “it says what???”

For instance, I’d give this a 3. It’s actually a clever, creative celebration of National Talk Like a Pirate Day.


This one gets a 6. Not for the sign, but for the lifeguard chair…it’s empty.


And we have the perfect 10.


It’s quite common for churches to borrow from culture for sermon series titles. We’ve all seen the “Lost,” “24,” “American Idol,” or “Twilight” series by various churches. However, these two puzzle me. Not because of the topic, but from what they drew their inspiration.



Another thing has puzzled me is the scheduling of revivals. By its nature, a revival is typically a spontaneous event. Maybe this church gets it.


This next sign could have used some more punctuation, or at least better wording.


I haven’t come across this definition in any Bible dictionary I’ve ever used.


There is something to be said for truth in advertising when it comes to church signs. Sometimes they paint quite the picture of their respective church. For example:


Speaking of traditions, when it comes to worship style, don’t expect to find a drumset on the stage here.


To be clear, this was NOT one of the 11 innovations in the local church that me, Elmer Towns, Warren Bird wrote about in our book.


Now to be fair, this is just the town’s name (it’s in Arkansas, you can google it). But at what point do you call the aldermen or councilmen together and say “You know, we really ought to explore a name change”?


When it comes to their signs, some churches take on the motto of “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”


But what happens when the second one is also wrong? Someone needs a lesson in homophones.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Church Signs Edition”

  1. I especially loved the ‘Flippin Church of God’. Loud laughter right here! couldn’t hold me.

    1. That was an intresting one and stood out most to me.

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