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Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart? A Conversation with J. D. Greear

Assurance of salvation comes from properly understanding the gospel. The good news is that God wants you to know you’re saved.

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Traveling to Romania

Thank you for praying for us as we part ways (for a time) with a great man.

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New and Notable Musical Offerings

Here’s a sampling of some musical contributions that have come to my attention in recent months.

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Worth a Look 1.29.13

Kindle Deal of the Day: Radical Integrity: The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Michael Van Dyke. $2.99.

Find out what made Dietrich Bonhoeffer the man he was—compassionate minister, brilliant thinker, opponent of the heresies of Nazism and Aryan superiority. This easy-to-read biography details both Bonhoeffer’s life and his powerful theology—of “cheap” versus “costly” grace.

Mike Leake – 7 Steps to Becoming a Heretic:

Heretics usually fall into the role. Seldom does a man wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, read the morning newspaper, put on his clothes, and then stare himself in the mirror and say “Today, thou shall become a heretic.” Heretics usually start by staring in the mirror and saying, “Today, thou shall be a difference maker.”

The Role of Greeters in Making Visitors Feel Welcome:

I often wonder why we aren’t more intentional, or why we spend so little time training volunteer greeters. The art of making others feel welcomed is about more than getting a few people to volunteer to hand out bulletins each Sunday.

Michael Kelley – Everything is Moving Toward One Thing:

I think the same statistical principle applies in other areas of life that applies in the stock market. The question, then, isn’t so much about the individual data point. It’s more about the trend line. And the Bible has something to say about that.

Michael Patton – 4 Types of Faith:

There are four different ways to define faith.

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Why Did Jesus Say He Came Only for Israel?

When traced backwards, the flow of universal mission of the early church runs into the rocks of Jesus’ striking particularity. What gives?

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Worth a Look 1.28.13

Kindle Deal of the Day: Love the Least (A Lot): Extending the Love of Christ to Abortion-Vulnerable Women and Children. $0.99. founder and director, Michael Spielman, explains why abortion-vulnerable children are as qualified to wear the “least of these” label as any victim class in the world. Whatever we fail to do in their defense, we fail to do for Christ.

Why Pastors and Elders Need Your Prayers:

Your pastors and elders need your help to live out the calling of Acts 6:4: “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

Ross Douthat – The Bristol Palin Effect vs. the Roe Effect:

There’s good reason to think Roe itself was instrumental in creating the kind of sexual culture that makes the Bristol Palin dilemma as commonplace as it’s become. While the frequent use of abortion can limit out-of-wedlock births, that is, the sudden mass availability of abortion almost certainly had the opposite effect — mostly by changing the obligations associated with pregnancy, and by legitimating male irresponsibility where sex and its consequences are concerned.

Sam Luce – 3 Things Ever Kids Pastor Wants Their Youth Pastor to Know:

One of the things I have always been blessed is youth pastors who really get the value of kids ministry. The more I talk with kids pastors from around the country I have come to find out that is far from the norm. I have heard stories that would make you laugh to storys that would make you cry and everything in …

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Give Me a Life to Proclaim You

A prayer of Benedict.

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Is Your Church Emerging? No, My Church Was Founded

The world is looking for answers. If you have some of them, for goodness’ sake spit ‘em out.

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Friday Funny: Organist Butchers the Wedding March

Someone should’ve invited the organist to the rehearsal…

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Mission of God Webcast

On Monday (Jan. 13) at 3:00 p.m. EST, Ed Stetzer will be hosting the Mission of God Study Bible webcast with a number of guests.

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