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Kindle Deal of the Day: City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner. $1.99.

An era has ended. The political expression that most galvanized evangelicals during the past quarter-century, the Religious Right, is fading. What’s ahead is unclear. Millions of faith-based voters still exist, and they continue to care deeply about hot-button issues like abortion and gay marriage, but the shape of their future political engagement remains to be formed.

Into this uncertainty, former White House insiders Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner seek to call evangelicals toward a new kind of political engagement — a kind that is better both for the church and the country, a kind that cannot be co-opted by either political party, a kind that avoids the historic mistakes of both the Religious Left and the Religious Right.

Famous Bible Translation Mistakes throughout History:

Here are some of the more infamous and fun mistakes that translators and printers have made throughout the years.

Evangelicals Have Incredible Reasons to Engage the Life of the Mind:

Evangelical scholars have far more reason to engage the life of the mind than their peers. Why? Because of the verse cited above, Matthew 22:37. The greatest commandment of them all, the apex of Jesus’ teaching, instructed Christ’s disciples to love God with the entirety of their being.

 Instead of Making Resolutions, Dream:

I believe we’ve got it backwards when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions. Instead of starting January trying to “fix” all the wrongs, let’s take some time to figure out what our objectives really are.

Peter Leithart on the process of writing:

It would be impossible to count how many thousands of decisions a writer makes in composing a book. At every corner and turn, he has to decide how to say what he wants to say, and each of these decisions is a complex of many decisions.

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