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Kindle Deal of the Day: Why It’s Hard to Love Jesus by Joe Stowell. $0.99.

When we’re confronted with the reality of Jesus, do we remain indifferent and religious like Simon the Pharisee or do we fall at His feet in adoring worship like the woman who had been forgiven much? Joseph Stowell challenges Christians to honestly probe the answer to this penetrating question.

Stopping Gossip in 7 Ways:

I’m listing 7 suggestions for how to stop, or at least slow, the spread of gossip. Will you consider each and take them personal? If the shoe fits will you wear it. Together, perhaps we can help stop the deadly spread of this harmful virus!

The Death of the Mall and the Future of Church Buildings:

As there will still be large malls twenty years from now, so will there be large church facilities whose worship centers can accommodate 2,000 or more in one service. But you will also see a discernible difference in megachurches in ten or twenty years.

What’s Your 20 Mile March?

Collins and Morten dubbed the slow and steady approach taken by Southwest and other 10X companies “The 20 Mile March.” They took this moniker from imagining a man determined to walk across the United States, and how he could accomplish his goal faster by committing to walking 20 miles every single day  - rain or shine — rather than walking for 40-50 miles in good weather and then very few miles or not at all during inclement conditions.

Funny and insightful interview with Eric Metaxas:

LOPEZ: You are just full of lessons. Now: Why would you want to be funnier than Mother Teresa?

METAXAS: I guess I say that in the book, don’t I? Well, it’s just a personal goal I set for myself. Everybody needs a few easy “wins.” I also have the goal of being less pompous than Al Gore and less hairy than Ed Asner.

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