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Kindle Deal of the Day: How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World’s Most Inspiring Presentations by Jeremey Donovan. $2.99.

Based on intensive study of the most popular TEDTalks, this step-by-step playbook shows you how to select your topic, craft your narrative, master your delivery, and refine your design.

Against the Objectification of Females:

One end of liberation has clearly been a loss of respect. Men have certainly lost respect for women, but women have also lost respect for themselves. When primary expressions of liberation include women making objects out of themselves someone needs to ask, “Is this all there is?”

Word of the Day – “wax” (finally!):

 The verb wax, meaning to grow, has only a few surviving uses in English.

Leading Awesome People:

By God’s grace I’ve had some phenomenal men & women on my team over the past 3-4 years. 3 of them are church planters, one is about to be,  and one is planting churches across southern asia. All of them I get to count as good friends, and that’s not including the all-star cast I am working with right now. I regularly brag about my team when a conversation allows it. Here are some things I’ve learned about leading high capacity people…

Preaching the Forest and the Trees:

How does one deal with the text with integrity and preach Christ from a text like Nehemiah? After all, many Old Testament instructors declare that “you should not look for Jesus under every rock!” Students are taught to respect and consider the “original” hearers. Thus, the question remains as to whether the preacher can accomplish these two goals (exposition and Christ-centeredness) without arbitrarily inserting Jesus into the text or simply “leapfrogging to Jesus” at the end of the sermon.

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