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Kindle Deal of the Day: A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter by Michael Card. $2.99.

Michael Card sketches out Peter’s life, showing how the impetuous fisherman of the Gospels was transformed into the pivotal leader of the early church. “The ultimate reason for getting to know Peter,” Card explains, “is so together we might better know Jesus. For the story of Peter is the story of Jesus. Perhaps, if you and I do our best, the same will be said of us someday.”

Todd Henry - 4 Fatal Mistakes Creative Leaders Make:

When the pressure is on, and uncertainty is rearing its ugly head, there are traps that even the most experienced leaders fall into. When you fall into one (or more) of these traps, you put an impediment in your team’s path, and introduce dissonance into the organization.

Here are a few that I’ve seen leaders succumb to in a moment of weakness…

Matt Queen – I Question Your Evangelism!

Like Moody, I would rather be a criticized personal evangelist than a non-evangelistic critic. Sometimes another’s critique of our evangelism is biblically warranted. At other times critical comments about our evangelism discourage us without cause. Perhaps the evangelistic enterprise would be served best if before 1) we critique and/or question the evangelistic practices of someone else, and/or 2) our evangelistic practices are critiqued and/or questioned by someone else, we sternly look ourselves in the mirror and say, “I question your evangelism!”

What questions might a believer ask himself in order to assess his evangelistic practices?

Tony Reinke – Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God:

God has chosen to weave marriages — our marriages — into the most profound theological realities this universe has ever seen. To enter into a Christian marriage is to enter into the drama of Christ’s cosmos-altering victory.

 As Public Religion Declines, Faith Goes to the Movies:

The point is not that these movies are pro-Christian, or pro any other religion for that matter. Some of them are most definitely not. Still, it is striking how persistently we, as a culture, are addressing faith and spirituality in our films even as institutional religion recedes from our public lives.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 1.24.13”

  1. brian says:

    Regarding Reinke’s “Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God,” I recommend the free download from entitled “Marriage & the Eucharist: The Two Shall Become One.”

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