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Kindle Deal of the Day: Classic Christianity by Thomas Oden. $3.79.

For the first time, Thomas Oden’s Systematic Theology classic series (individually titled The Living GodThe Word of Life, and Life in the Spirit) is available in one complete volume. A renowned theologian, Oden provides a consensus view of the Christian faith, delving deeply into ancient Christian tradition and bringing to the contemporary church the best wisdom from its past.

Russell Moore - An Evangelical Looks at Pope Benedict XVI:

With Pope Benedict XVI’s shocking resignation this morning, evangelical Christians might be tempted to see this the way a college football fan might view the departure of his rival team’s head coach. But the global stakes are much, much higher.

Not to be missed, Mollie Hemingway points out the media failures in reporting Benedict’s resignation:

The Times picks the adjectives for how the papacy “was seen” (by whom were they seen, you might be asking).  They are, you will be shocked, “conservative and contentious.” Do we even need to bother with further evaluations? Seems like we’re done.

It was at this point that I checked out of the article…

David Platt Wants You To Get Serious about Following Jesus – interview with Christianity Today:

Jeff Haanen, a freelance writer and school administrator, spoke with Platt on the pervasiveness of “cultural Christianity,” the role of hell in evangelism, and the sharper edges of following Christ today.

Sinclair Ferguson – What is the Greatest of All Protestant “Heresies?”

Let us begin with a church history exam question. Cardinal Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) was a figure not to be taken lightly. He was Pope Clement VIII’s personal theologian and one of the most able figures in the Counter-Reformation movement within sixteenth-century Roman Catholicism. On one occasion, he wrote: “The greatest of all Protestant heresies is _______ .” Complete, explain, and discuss Bellarmine’s statement.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 2.12.13”

  1. Rick says:

    Oden’s book is great

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