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Kindle Deal of the Day: Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters by N. T. Wright. $1.99.

In the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and his own classic book Simply Christian, N. T. Wright invokes 200 years of Biblical scholarship to show us how we should best retell the story of Jesus today.

Bob Glenn – 6 Types of Selfishness:

Six types of selfishness in my own life came to the surface, which, if I wasn’t confident that Christ died to kill them, might leave me in despair. But since I know that Jesus, because of his great love for me, died so that I would no longer be shackled to my little life, I am free to admit my selfishness to him (and to you).

Michael Svigel – Overcoming 4 Church Myths:

The time has come to refute the myths and slay the monster, replacing it with a corporate body reflecting marks and works of authenticity and created according to God’s image for the church.

Little Change in Abortion Attitudes:

The Democrats’ emphasis on abortion and contraception this election cycle was successful in many respects. It likely succeeded in increasing turnout among pro-choice voters. It probably also made pro-choice voters more likely to cast their vote based on the abortion issue. But a serious analysis of survey data over time provides little evidence that this fall’s election cycle substantially shifted public opinion in favor of legal abortion.

Christianity Today - Persecution in China is Very Real:

One can certainly argue that the persecution we detail is not as gravely serious as that of 30 years ago, when religious believers were disappeared and jailed in huge numbers. However, one cannot discount our findings that the Chinese government is taking steps to “eradicate” the “house church” movement unless the documents and facts we discovered and reported are somehow proven to be fabrications.

To Be Gospel-Centered, You Need the Holy Spirit:

If you want to be gospel-centered, you need the Holy Spirit. He will magnify Christ through you because you can’t. He will magnify Christ through you because is very good at applying the gospel in your life so that you treasure and adore Jesus.

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