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Here’s a roundtable discussion with me, Collin Hansen, and Kevin DeYoung about “legislating morality” and why evangelical Christians support maintaining the traditional understanding of marriage as the law of the land.

Matt Smethurst sums up the discussion here.

Should Christians Try to Legislate Their Morality? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Should Christians Legislate the Meaning of Marriage?”

  1. H.A.T says:

    If we do legislate a definition of traditional marriage, then what about those who want for the government to legislate the permanence view of marriage and outlaw divorce?

    Marriage should be an ecclesiastical issue, not a state one.

  2. Wesley says:

    Great discussion lads! Great points from all of you. Two things in response:
    1. Like you demonstrated right here in this discussion, Christians are going to have to add to their broad understanding of Scripture the ability to respond intelligently and logically to counter arguments. However true it may be, we can’t just tell the unregenerate heart, “The bible says it’s wrong so our laws should say that.” We’re going to need to be able to engage the issue on more than one level.
    2. I’m paraphrasing, but i love that Carl-bomb (Trueman) had to say regarding the idea of legislating morality (in his case speaking about abortion) when he wrote that making abortion illegal doesn’t mean that no one will ever get an abortion again, even as having murder being illegal doesn’t mean murder doesn;t happen. But just as making murder illegal makes a statement about our society and what we value as a whole, so, protecting the unborn child from being murdered should also be a value at a societal level even that we should be able to say, “yeah, i’m for that.”
    May God give us all winsome and gracious replies to our society, even as we stand before a growing tidal wave of opposition.
    God’s peace –
    the Ox.

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