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For me, one of the highlights of this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting was participating in a Gospel Project-sponsored panel discussion on Christ-centered preaching and teaching.

Ed Stetzer, Eric Hankins, Jonathan Akin, and I were joined by more than 300 pastors and church leaders for a breakfast meeting devoted to discussing the New Testament’s use of the Old, the appropriate ways of leading people to Christ from Old Testament stories, and the difficulties and dangers of applying this hermeneutic in irresponsible ways.

The audio from the panel discussion is now available. (The microphones are not all of equal setting, so you may have to adjust the volume on your speakers a little.) I hope it is beneficial to those of you who seek to preach and teach the Scriptures faithfully each week.

Christ-Centered Teaching and Preaching – Panel Discussion, SBC 13

Also of interest, Ed Stetzer is hosting an ongoing blog discussion on Christ-centered preaching with Daniel Block, David Murray, Bryan Chapell, and Walt Kaiser. The first installment is now available.

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4 thoughts on “Audio from the Christ-Centered Teaching – Panel Discussion at the SBC”

  1. Rick Patrick says:

    This was an excellent panel discussion. (Spoiler alert: If, like me, you have never seen “The Sixth Sense” but plan to do so soon, you will want to skip the remarks about that movie.)

    Thank you, Ed Stetzer.

  2. Ed Stetzer says:

    And Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

  3. Charlie Ray says:

    Thanks for posting the audio of this panel discussion. I missed this meeting at the SBC. I am sure that it had nothing to do with the hour; if Ed made it, I should have been able to, but sweet mother of pearl it was early.

    The discussion helped clarify in my mind some of the issues in this area, including relative positions. It is always helpful to see what we are affirming as well as what we are denying. I appreciated the tone as well as the substance of the discussion.

    One thing, however, that continues to bother me is that too often in our rush for correspondences or analogies (I like Daniel Block’s terms from Ed’s blog), we may grab minute details (perhaps even insignificant details) and press them beyond their ability to support our position.

    I see a case in point in Jonathan’s discussion of Goliath as an “enemy wearing snake armor in the Hebrew text” (near the end of the discussion–my player didn’t give the time so I can’t be more accurate). Jonathan, I hope I have quoted you accurately.

    My problem is that the Hebrew word, which is used only 8 times in the Hebrew OT, almost universally means fish scales, not snake scales. In fact, BDB defines the word as “scale of fish,” and 5 of the other 7 occurrences outside of 1 Samuel all refer to fish which have fins and scales. Ezekiel has two occurrences in one verse that refer to the scales of a crocodile (29:4). The word is never used to refer to snake scales in the Hebrew OT.

    My point is that at best we may have a weak echo, to use Richard Hayes’s language, to Genesis 3 or to Revelation. I am drawn back to the question Would someone living in the ancient Near East been able to pick up the “snake armor” allusion or would they have thought simply of a really well armed warrior? If the latter, I would argue that we may be guilty of reading our own meaning back into the text at this point.

    I don’t want to nit pick Jonathan here; I learned much from his contribution to the panel and agree with much of what he said. I’m just wondering if this is not one of those places where Christ-centered preaching shades over into eisegesis.

    Thanks again for the discussion. I look forward to the continued discussion on Ed’s blog.

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