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Kindle Deal of the Day: Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be. by James MacDonald. FREE.

Vertical Church points to a new day where God is the seeker, and we are the ones found. In Vertical Church God shows up, and that changes everything.

As one who doesn’t like PowerPoint, I find strange comfort in the fact that Steve Jobs hated PPT, and so does Jeff Bezos:

PowerPoint makes it easy to create the illusion of a coherent argument, and it allows people to indulge their temptation to avoid asking themselves if they really have a good argument to make.

David Murray – 7 Reasons the Old Testament is Neglected:

Despite the prevalence of Christ-less moralism and the pressures of Christ-less academia, we must strive to find and enjoy Christ in the Old Testament. That alone is what makes Old Testament study profitable and enjoyable

Aaron Armstrong is giving away a ton of books (Clear Winter Nights is included!):

Summer’s nearly done, the school year is gearing up again, and I want to help you kick off the fall right. That’s why I’m giving away over 20 books in partnership with my friends at Zondervan, Crossway, Moody Publishers, Cruciform Press, the Good Book Company, B&H Publishing, Thomas Nelson and more.

Sergeant Dismissed for Saying… Nothing:

Due to a perceived slight against homosexuality, Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk is in a fight for his career. The Lackland Air Force base first sergeant was told by his commanding officer to clear out his office on Aug. 9. The point of contention reportedly is not about anything Monk said, but what he refused to say.

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