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Kindle Deal of the Day: A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip: Exploring the New Normal by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon & Warren Bird. $2.99.

Takes pastors, church leaders, and anyone who is interested on a tour of multi-site churches across America to see how those churches are handling the opportunities and challenges raised by this dynamic organizational model.

Addie Zierman – 5 Churchy Phrases that are Scaring Off Millennials:

For some of us, the clichés are still maddening and alienating. Recently, I asked my followers online for the five church clichés that they tend to hate the most. These were the top five responses…

Matthew Milner – Why Does It Feel Like Time is Speeding Up?

There are a number of good explanations for why time feels to be speeding up with age.  But the most objective and therefore measurable is found in the ratio of time to life. As a percentage of our life, each new moment is less than the one before.

Bye, Bye Blockbuster – A Eulogy for the 3-Day Rental:

We shopped in video rental stores not just for the movie experience, but for the experience of the search. There was a sort of sense of community to the act itself.  And in this way, there was really a connecting thread between the shared communal experience of seeing movies in a theater, and the era of the video rental store.

Danny Franks – So, “Atheist Megachurches” are a Thing:

People are looking for community. We’re hard-wired for relationships. And that’s why our churches must be places where people can connect, can get to know one another, can serve each other and live beyond themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Worth a Look 11.12.13”

  1. Steven Taylor says:

    There was an interesting mixture of truth and terrible theology in Zierman’s article about “churchy” phrases.
    For example, if a pastor is consistently preaching/teaching on subjects that he does not understand, there is a problem. The who-knows-what-the-Bible-means? approach is too common rather than too rare.

    On the other hand, “loving on” people does indeed sound creepy.

  2. Jeff Q says:

    Regarding the Milennial article, it’s amazing (but not really surprising as a 30something myself) how self-centered and entitled the Millenial has become. Go find the local Christian Moralistic Therapeutic Diesm church! Obviously one person doesn’t speak for a whole generation, but the lack of self-awareness from these people is staggering.

  3. jigawatt says:

    And yet, “the Bible clearly doesn’t say …” will draw in millenials in droves.

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