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eric-mason-picName: Eric Mason

Why you’ve heard of him: Eric Mason is a church planter, pastor, speaker and recent author.

Position: He is the founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA.

Previous: While at seminary, Mason worked with an inner-city organization as a counselor and mentor to “at risk” students in Dallas, TX. Later, he served as assistant pastor of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, TX. He also worked as an adjunct professor and was the regional director of the Urban Schools Alternative at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Education: He earned a BS in Psychology from Bowie State University, his Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as a D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Books: This year, his first book, Manhood Restored, was published. In it, he directs men to gospel-centered manhood and challenges them to accept their God-given role of leadership.

Why he’s important: While at Bowie State University, Eric was burdened to go into full-time vocational service. After graduation, he taught bible studies on campus to the college students,while working with youth and young adults at church. In seminary, he became a member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. There he learned from Dr. Tony Evans, who would later lead the ordination process for Mason.

In addition to his role at Epiphany, he currently serves as president of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry to the urban context. Mason has contributed to multiple publications including The Mission of God Study Bible. He also serves on the boards of Acts 29 Network and Reach Life Ministries.

Notable Quotes:

“Entitlement thinks it deserves what it receives, but steadfastness is instead thankful for what it receives because it teaches appreciation through challenge.”

“Without the Gospel, I am only projecting behavioral modification. Changes of the heart must trump mere change of behavior.”

“Confession without repentance is emotional abuse.”

“So if we’re looking for an example of manhood, we need look no further than the cross and the empty tomb. Jesus, over and over again, shows us what it means to really be a man.”

“We talk ourselves into thinking that sin is just a bad choice; it’s not. It’s much deeper than that for us, just as it was for Adam.”

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