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WorthLook2Kindle Deal of the Day: Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ (Preaching the Word Commentary) by R. Kent Hughes. $2.99.

This practical commentary on one of the most important expositions of Pauline soteriology in the New Testament will challenge and equip both pastors and students for a walk of spiritual power.

Ron Edmondson – 7 Lies Pastors Often Believe:

Exposing them can help us from being distracted by them and allow us to call on His strength to overcome them.

R. R. Reno – Marriage, Sex, and Politics:

What I can’t endure is the Selma Analogy. Gay rights is the single easiest and most convenient commitment for today’s Left. There is no George Wallace, no Klux Klux Klan, no seething resentment ready to punish Democrats who posture as courageous crusaders. In today’s political environment, gay rights carry no liabilities, involve no dangers, and require no sacrifices.

Daniel Renstrom – Multi-Generational Worship:

Spirit filled, multi-generational unity is a powerful witness to God’s work in our churches. Let’s endeavor by God’s grace to see the gospel of Jesus Christ bring us near to those who are different than us.  Let’s plan for, and pray towards fruit in this area.

Timothy George – Lincoln’s Faith and America’s Future:

Though Abraham Lincoln was neither baptized nor joined a church of any kind, he was the most spiritually minded president in American history. His faith was wrought on the anvil of anguish, both personal and national, and because of this he has much to teach us in our own age of anxiety.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 2.11.14”

  1. Curtis Sheidler says:


    When I purchased the Hughes commentary, I saw that Amazon also had this exposition by FF Bruce on sale for a scant $4.49:

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