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WorthALook1Kindle Deal of the Day: Counseling the Hard Cases by Stuart Scott & Heath Lambert. $2.99.

The authors use the true stories of real patients to show how the truths of God’s Word can be released to bring help, hope, and healing into the lives of those who struggle with some of the most difficult psychiatric diagnoses.

Men and Miscarriage:

A failed pregnancy is surely a shared hurt, but with one key distinction: men are more spectators than participants. That dissonance results in confusion about what to do, say, or feel, which for some, I’m sure, comes off as callousness or distance.

Jared Wilson – How Should We Read Jesus’ Parables?

Jesus’s parables are revelations of the reigning king. This is why I title one chapter in my book on the parables “Postcards from the Revolution.” The parables show us—in a variety of ways and from a variety of angles—the saving glory of Jesus Christ.

Philip Nation – 3 Small Group Myths:

Small groups are an essential part of church life. It goes by a multitude of names – Life Groups, home groups, Sunday School, Bible fellowships, and the list goes on. When a ministry is so important, for some reason, myths begin to swirl around it. Here are three of the myths about small groups.

Ken Samples – Beatlemania Plus 50: Can Christians Appreciate the Fab Four?

Like most of us, the four Beatles were searching for a philosophy of life that would provide them with enduring love, hope, and peace. Unfortunately, they failed to recognize that the Christian Gospel they grew up with held the key to the truths and virtues they relentlessly pursued in the 1960s. It is indeed ironic that historic Christianity uniquely encompasses many of the ideals that The Beatles eloquently sang about and longed for in their personal lives.

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