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WorthALook1Kindle Deal of the Day: Rich Mullins: A Devotional Biography: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven by James Bryan Smith. $1.99.

During his life, Rich Mullins challenged the sensibilities of what it means to follow Jesus in today’s world, and now in his death, he challenges all to build upon his legacy of joy, compassion, brokenness, unblinking honesty, and wonder of an Awesome God.

Joni Eareckson Tada in Time - Belgium’s Euthanasia Law Doesn’t Protect Children from Themselves:

The law can be interpreted to include many medical conditions, and as a quadriplegic advocate for persons with disabilities, this alarms me. Children in all cultures tend to approach adults in authority with trust. They look to us for comfort, advice, and support. To have an adult in authority approach them and suggest euthanasia as an alternative to life is swinging the compassion pendulum to the outer edges of horror.

Infographic – What Really Put Blockbuster Out of Business:

Blockbuster lacked agility in their business model. They approached their business with the mindset that hardcopy videos would be around forever and operated with that same mindset. As established of a brand that Blockbuster was, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have made a shift in their approach and retained dominance instead of aging themselves out of the picture.

10 Connections Between Jesus and the Kingdom of God:

How important was the kingdom of God to Jesus? What was his relationship to the in-breaking of the eschatological kingdom? Let’s examine ten ways Jesus related to the kingdom.

Ukraine Names Baptist Pastor as Acting President:

The Church calls the Ukrainian nation to more than just feelings of human justice – to Christian forgiveness, grace, and reconciliation. We pray to God for repentance for the guilty. However at the same time we ask victims to forgive those who are already repentant as well as those who are still lost. In order to unite the nation, in order to reconcile its various parts, its various social, cultural, and political groups, laws and justice are not enough. Without repentance, grace, forgiveness and reconciliation, the country will remain divided and in conflict. This is the precondition for a deep spiritual transformation of Ukraine.

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