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g_k_chesterton_17b7Chesterton tells us we shouldn’t be proud of the fact that your grandmother is shocked by something that doesn’t shock us. That’s actually a sign that your grandmother is more alive than you are:

One of the deepest troubles of the day is this fact: that something is being commended as a new taste which is simply the condition which finds everything tasteless. It is sometimes offered almost as if it were a new sense; but it is not really even a new sensibility; it is rather a pride in a new insensibility.

For instance, when some old piece of decorum is abolished, rightly or wrongly, it is always supposed to be completely justified if people become just as dull in accepting the indecency as they were in accepting the decency.

If it can be said that the grandchildren “soon get used” to something that would have made the grandfathers fight duels to the death, it is always assumed that the grandchildren have found a new mode of living, whereas those who fought the duel to the death were already dead. But the psychological fact is exactly the other way. The duelists may have been fastidious or even fantastic, but they were frightfully alive. That is why they died. Their sensibilities were vivid and intense, by the only true test of the finer sensibilities, or even of the five senses. And that is that they could feel the difference between one thing and another…

Do not be proud of the fact that your grandmother was shocked at something which you are accustomed to seeing and hearing without being shocked… It may mean that your grandmother was an extremely lively and vital person, and that you are a paralytic.

To lose the sense of repugnance from one thing, or regard for another, is exactly so far as it goes to relapse into the vegetation or to return to the dust.

– from “The Blunting Of Our Sentiments,” 1933

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