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HB-Charles-JrName: H.B. Charles Jr.

Position: Charles is the pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.

Previous: Before coming to Shiloh, he lead Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Education: Charles attended Master’s Seminary and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Books: He has written three books: It Happens After Prayer, On Preaching, and The Difference Jesus Makes.

Why he’s important: Charles came to faith and surrendered to a call to ministry at an early age. He began serving under his father and other pastoral leaders at Mt. Sinai when he was 11. After the death of his father, Mt. Sinai concluded a year long search for their next pastor by calling Charles when he was only a senior in high school. He stayed there for 18 years until Shiloh voted unanimously to make him their next pastor, the role he has held since 2008.

He is hosting the inaugural Cutting It Straight Expository Preaching Conference at Shiloh this month. The conference, designed to “train, model, and promote expository preaching,” will feature speakers such as Al Mohler, Mac Brunson, and Bryan Loritts. Currently, he blogs at and hosts the On Preaching Podcast.

Notable Quotes:

“There are two biblical offices in the NT church: elders and deacons. Elders serve by leading. Deacons lead by serving”

“There are some preachers you can’t listen to, some you can listen to, and others you must listen to. Strive to be a preacher they must listen to.”

“Biblical preaching is the central, primary, and decisive function of those God calls to shepherd the church.”

“Our preaching is not the reason the Word works. The Word is the reason our preaching works.”

“If you sweat in the study, you can relax in the pulpit.”

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