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6 thoughts on “Every Story Casts His Shadow”

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey Trevin!
    I’m wondering if you could contrast the new gospel project with Explore the Bible? Thanks! We’ve been doing GP for a bit at my church.

    1. Trevin Wax says:

      The primary difference is the starting point. Both “Explore the Bible” and “The Gospel Project” contain textual study, theological reflection, and personal application. Explore the Bible starts with and emphasizes book-by-book Bible study. The Gospel Project starts with and emphasizes theological reflection (how all Scripture points to Christ, basic doctrines of the faith, etc.). Also, Explore the Bible’s study plan is designed to give participants extended time in all the biblical genres, while The Gospel Project is designed to give people the broad sweep of the Bible’s story line (which is why it is chronological).

      Does that help?

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