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112I’m packing my bags to head to Columbus for the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting next week, and I dipped into some of John Broadus sermons, recently collected by Roger Duke. I loved this section from a sermon on the Lord’s Prayer. Watch how, in his take on the petition “Thy kingdom come,” Broadus moves from celebrating the kingdom’s “already” to yearning for it’s “not yet” and then to personal application.

Do you think there is no need to pray for the kingdom of God to come? Do you think the reign, the Messianic reign of God in the world, has come? It has but begun.

It was beginning when Jesus taught these teachings.

It began still more when He rose triumphant from the grave and ascended glorious into the sky.

It began still further, on the day of Pentecost.

It began in another sense at the destruction of Jerusalem, which He spoke of beforehand as the time when He should come in His kingdom,

The kingdom has begun on the earth, ah! It has not come yet.

Alas, for the wide portions of the world where the very name of the King Messiah has not come.

Alas, in the metropolis of one of the great Christian nations today, the great mass of the men that surge around us, are utterly unsanctified by the gospel, utterly heedless of the reign of God.

Stop any moment and think, between two heartbeats, of this great world you live in, of this great city you live in, and then you shall address yourself with new fervor to the prayer: “Thy reign come, O God! Thy reign!”

Anyhow, let it come in us; let it pervade our whole being; let it control our whole life; let it sanctify our home life; let it elevate our social life; let it purify our business life; let men feel, as they note our conduct, that we are subjects of the Lord God.

– from Prince of the Pulpit

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