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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Ephraim Radner – Reaffirming Communion: An Affirmation of HopeA good explanation of the Anglican Communion’s suspension of the Episcopal Church and what this means for the global fellowship of churches.

2. Christianity Today – Jerry Falwell, Jr. Praises Donald Trump: How Other Evangelicals CompareYes, ‘The Donald’ draws five times more admiration than Billy Graham. But polls of religiosity and leaders tell a different tale.

3. Derek Rishmawy – The Spirit of the Red Letters and Progressive Christianity. It's not just the Red Letters v. the Black Letters. At this point, it appears we've got a Red Letters v. Red Letters situation. Or rather, a Red Letters v. "Spirit of the Red Letters as Read By Progressives At the Beginning of the 21st Century" situation.

4. Michael Kelley – 4 Cultural Characteristics that Make Discipleship an Uphill BattleIt's important for us to recognize some of the factors that make this walk so arduous sometimes.

5. Bruce Ashford’s series laying out the idolatrous aspects of various political ideologies. American PoliticsLibertarianism, Liberalism, Socialism.

6. Molly Worthen on the rise of Christian study centers in leftist universities. Contrary to conservatives' warnings about the oppressive secularism of the modern university, these students have taken advantage of their campuses' multicultural marketplace of ideas. They have created a network of organizations and journals that engage non-Christian ideologies head-on.

7. Meet the New York Bachelors Who Yearn for Something More. Note the palpable longing for a story arc that will give life significance.

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One thought on “Trevin’s Seven”

  1. Philmonomer says:

    In Bruce Ashford’s comment, article he says this:
    “At one level or another, we are all culpable for the situation. Take, for example, the Supreme Court. As badly as the majority has behaved at times over the past four decades—usurping the power of the legislature and bypassing the will of the people—they are not entirely to blame. They were, after all, appointed by presidents, and those presidents were elected by “we the people” (technically, “us the people,” which doesn’t have quite the same ring).”

    This is one of the most loaded comments I’ve ever read from what purports to be an objective article. I have no idea what he is talking, objectively speaking. There are so many presuppositions in there that it is hard to even know where to begin.

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