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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Frederica Mathewes-Green – When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making SenseOne of the most powerful pro-life articles I’ve ever read, a journey from pro-choice feminism to the realization that abortion harms women. “Once I recognized the inherent violence of abortion, none of the feminist arguments made sense.”

2. D. A. Carson – The New Tolerance Must Crumble. “Although the digital world wants us to answer only in one-liners; we cannot build a whole worldview on one-liners."

3. “We’ve lost ‘em. God bless ‘em”: What it was like to witness the Challenger disaster. The Washington Post reposts Kathy Sawyer’s excellent reporting from the scene of the Challenger explosion.

4. Bruce Ashford – A (Religious) Alternative for American PoliticsThis is the conclusion to Ashford’s excellent series laying out the idolatrous elements of various political views.

5. Jen Wilkin – How Should I Handle Anger When Disciplining My Children? Many parents have a disconnect when thinking about anger and discipline.

6. Kathryn Schulz – Dead Certainty: How ‘Making a Murderer’ Goes Wrong. Toward the end of the series, Dean Strang, Steven Avery's defense lawyer, notes that most of the problems in the criminal-justice system stem from "unwarranted certitude"--what he calls "a tragic lack of humility of everyone who participates." Ultimately, "Making a Murderer" shares that flaw.

7. Eric Geiger – 4 Types of Tone-Deaf LeadershipThere are a plethora of tone-deaf leaders who are out of sync and rhythm with people and their context. They seem deaf to the people and context around them.

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