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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Alastair Roberts – Trumped Up? Is the Donald’s Support Really Driven By Racist Xenophobia? This is a long article, but it is well worth your time if you want to see why Trump is so appealing to a segment of the American population. Roberts peels back the layers of Trump’s support to show why so many white, blue collar workers have become supporters.

2. Timothy Tennent – There Are Really Two Kinds of “No.” Using “transableism” as an example, Tennent shows why the Church’s “no” is geared to human flourishing, not suppression.

3. Cathy Young – The Totalitarian Doctrine of “Social Justice Warriors.” Most intriguing to me is not the pushback against political correctness, but the religious words used to describe millennial activists. Devout, doctrine, etc.

4. Jen Wilkin – 4 Ways to Battle BitternessJen is on point, as usual. #2 is key here.

5. Alan Noble – To Hope All Things about the American VoterA good warning from Alan about twisting the truth to make a point, or assuming the worst of American voters.

6. Chris Martin – Russell Brand: The Epitome of “Spiritual But Not Religious.” Chris shows why the ‘spiritual but not religious’ is oh so close, yet oh so far from Christianity.

7. How to Be a Prolific Writer. People often ask me about my reading and writing habits. Dan Darling does a good job of describing what it takes to write well and often.

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One thought on “Trevin’s Seven”

  1. Alastair Roberts writes loooooong pieces but so often they are must-reads.

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