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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Thomas Kidd – When America Put Pastors in PrisonThe true story of the Baptist battle for religious liberty in our country’s earliest days.

2. Caitlin Dewey – The “Uber for Friends” Plans to Save Millennials From Loneliness. "We're the first ones to commodify friendship," Kohut says.

3. Emily Ekins and Jonathan Haidt – Donald Trump Supporters Think Differently about Morality. Here’s how. I don’t believe the evolutionary psychology behind some of this analysis, but I do think Haidt’s moral pillars correspond, at least partly, to the law of God written on human hearts. This is one reason why morality is always in play in an election.

4. Jen Wilkin – A Plea to the Mission-MindedBehold suburbia, the mission field for whom our hearts do not break.

5. Glenn Stanton – Marriage as a Feminist InstitutionStanton shows how marriage empowers women.

6. Oliver O’Donovan – Why Tradition is Essential to Sustaining Communal IdentityThe essential thing about tradition is that it creates social continuity. It binds the communal action of the present moment to the communal actions of past moments.

7. New York Times – New Ways into the Brain’s “Music Room.” Fascinating.

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3 thoughts on “Trevin’s Seven”

  1. Doug says:

    Considering Thomas Kidd’s article, WHEN AMERICA PUT PASTORS IN PRISON, as Christians we should ask, “Why did this take place?” We need to recognize the “harassment” many baptists faced in the colonies is no different from that “harassment” any individual would face in most congregations today. Place an outspoken Baptist in a conservative Presbyterian church or vice versa. You will see the same “harassment” from Pastor and Elders. The difference is that back then, an exclusive denomination was allied with the government, thus increasing that particular denomination’s force. We have not improved in time. Christian denominations have simply been disenfranchised by the government to minimize their persecuting ability. Separation of an exclusive church from state was good legislation, but not separation of churches from state. The strength of the Church lies in learning to allow for diversity of understanding under the umbrella of Christ as Lord, not encouraging the government to facilitate polytheism.

  2. oxcapco says:

    Emily Ekins and Jonathan Haidt – Donald Trump Supporters Think Differently about Morality. Where is this information?

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