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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Gavin Ortlund – Repentance vs. DefensivenessMore of the former, Lord. Less of the latter.

2. Jonathan Merritt – Are Conservative Christians Religious “Extremists?” Jonathan looks at new statistics that indicate an increasing caricaturization of traditional Christianity.

3. Wendy Alsup – On Nude Selfies. While men around us (and women affected by them) may operate on a sexual currency, God does not, and He instructs His children to plow a counter culture, to operate in a new currency.

4. David Brooks – The Shame CultureSome sort of moral system is coming into place. Some new criteria now exist, which people use to define correct and incorrect action. The big question is: What is the nature of this new moral system?

5. Jelani Cobb – The Matter of Black LivesA profile of the rise of the BlackLivesMatter movement, and how it draws from and differs from previous civil rights action.

6. Paul D. Miller – Let’s Resurrect the Federalist Party! Could we be witnessing the crumbling of the GOP and the rise of something to take its place? Too early to tell, but stranger things have happened.

7. Nana Dolce – Bringing the Prairie to the Hood. Little House on the Prairie meets black America. You’ve got my attention. 

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