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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. The Message of Islam vs. the Gospel of JesusThe differences are real, and they are significant.

2. Derek Rishmawy – 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Good Friday PreachingDon’t pit the Father against the Son, don’t miss the love, and don’t limit the cross’s effect.

3. Nathan Finn – Baptists and the Benedict Option in American BabylonAn important contribution to the ongoing conversation about the Benedict Option – this, from a Baptist perspective.

4. Voddie Baucham – 3 Reasons You Need Expository ApologeticsDefending the faith is not just a path to evangelism anymore. Christians need apologetics, too.

5. Nabeel Qureshi in USA Today – The Quran’s Deadly Role in Inspiring Belgian Slaughter. Western recruits for jihad are inspired by the literal interpretation of Muslim sacred texts.

6. Gail Collins – What’s My Column About? It’s About 800 WordsFunny, enlightening “behind-the-scenes” look for a New York Times columnist.

7. The Enormous Power of the Unconscious Brain. Many implications here for education, discipleship, and the power of habit.

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