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  • Brandon Smith and I released a new episode of Word Matters, answering the question "What does it mean to work out our salvation?" from Philippians 2. You can subscribe to the podcast here: iTunes | Android | RSS

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Kate Shellnutt – The Hottest Thing at Church is Not Your Pastor or Worship Leader. Well, that’s a relief, especially in the case of the church where I serve as teaching pastor! Beyond the funny headline, the encouraging finding here is that “sermons that explain the Bible” are what bring people to church.

2. I wrote this week about writing, branding, and platforms. I wasn’t the only one. I recommend this article from Karen Swallow Prior on “the one platform that will last.” You should also check out this post from Chris Martin, from the perspective of someone who helps develop authors. And, of course, Dan Darling is always worth reading on a variety of subjects, including this one.

3. Jemar Tisby reviews John Perkins’ new book, Dream With Me. Perkins is a hero and always worth hearing.

4. David Randall – Why Read the Great Books? It’s to gain wisdom, not reinforce your preexisting prejudices.

5. Violet Mosse-Brown is now the world’s oldest person, and the last subject of Queen Victoria. She is a 117-year-old Baptist in Jamaica.

6. Wesley J. Smith – Defining Doctors DownThe next cultural battlefield is going to be the hospital and medical clinic. 

7. Fred Sanders – A Few Writing Tips. These are excellent suggestions for aspiring writers.

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