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Personal Note: In my first decade of blogging, I regularly took time off in July so I could get ahead in my writing and thinking for the upcoming “blog year.” I am going to do so again this year. The past months have been among the hardest in my life, and I could benefit from a pause. Thank you for your continued prayers for me and my family. See you in August!

TrevinSeven1webSeven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. James K. A. Smith – On the Road with AugustineJourneying with the perfect patron saint for our age.

2. Rachel Abrams – In Towns Already Hit By Steel Mill Closings, A New Casualty: Retail JobsHaunting stories and images here. Much of our nation is hurting.

3. Jonathan Haidt – Professors Must Now Fear Intimidation from Both SidesI'd like to close with a simple request to university leaders: Please stop giving in to mobs and their demands.

4. Charles Spurgeon was a model of productivity. See this article outlining his weekly schedule. See also this pushback from David Murray, questioning the wisdom of maintaining such a schedule.

5. Claudio Sanchez – Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What the Numbers Say about Fatherless Kids. Ironic to see this from NPR, which champions the idea that gender distinctions are irrelevant in parenting. Regardless, church, we have many ministry opportunities before us.

6. John Piper – Never Read the Bible Simply to Know. I’m in favor of worshipful, exultation in our reading!

7. Nathan Finn – Christian Higher Education is for LoversA reminder of the important question: What is education for?

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