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10 Favorite Reads of 2016

The ten books I most enjoyed reading in 2016.

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‘Books and Culture’ and the Importance of the Magazine

Why I consider my magazine subscriptions to be indispensable for understanding the times, and why you should, too.

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Why “Hillbilly Elegy” Is for More Than Hillbillies

Class distinctions and prejudices can be just as strong as racial bias, and yet often go unnoticed.


‘But What If We’re Wrong?’ Wondering How the Future Will Judge Us

Wondering about the things we’re all wrong about. What ideas are so accepted and internalized that we’re not even in a position to question their fallibility?

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The Horror Before the Holocaust

The ghetto experience was a tragedy in itself — much more than preparation for the “final solution.”


Christians Who Feel Marginalized Should ‘Go Local’

Life-changing things don’t just happen in Washington, D.C. The Spirit of the living God is in your local congregation.

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The International Bestseller That Quietly Subverts Secularism

The Awakening of Miss Prim subverts the secular worldview and challenges contemporary views on marriage, the economy, the place of religion, what constitutes progress, and the definition of feminism.


5 Shifts in Church Planting in the Last 10 Years

How church planting has changed, and is changing.

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Preston Sprinkle on Grace, Truth, and Homosexuality

Engaging Preston Sprinkle as he seeks to stand on truth and love.

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Pope Francis and the Footnote That Could Split the Catholic Church

A new exhortation on marriage and the family tries to steer a middle road.

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